Machine Readable Australian Curriculum

Machine Readable Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum is published in machine readable form, using the Resource Description Framework (RDF). This uses Semantic Web technologies for an extensible encoding of metadata about the curriculum, expressed through relations between URIs.

The Machine Readable Australian Curriculum (MRAC) is distributed as RDF/XML, through a SPARQL query engine, and as JSON manifest files. The RDF/XML is optimised for queries, and does not capture curriculum statement ordering; the JSON files preserve curriculum statement ordering. In addition, individual curriculum statements may be retrieved through browsable URIs.

This is the production server for the Australian Curriculum - Machine Readable Curriculum.

SPARQL - Endpoint

The machine readable curriculum can be accessed via the SPARQL endpoint. A parameter 'q' must be passed with the value of a valid SPARQL query.

SPARQL - Query Test Page

The production machine readable curriculum query test page can be used to test SPARQL queries.

Sparql query test

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